Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Historia d'una gota d'aigua (Gotic, 1978)

This track, taken from the album "Escenes" ("Scenes") is a Spanish (Catalan, to be more precise) prog gem, one of the sweetest ones, IMHO. It's a relaxing, descriptive still varied 10 minutes instrumental track, kind of a trip in a natural, clean, aerial world. The titles says it all: it's the story of a waterdrop, narrated by Jep Nuix and his flute supported by a clever percussion work, gentle keyboards and some acoustic guitars. The musical themes are simple and well found, so that you actually feel your body flucuate between white and pink clouds.

The whole "Escenes" album is Worth your attention.

The rythm gradually increases as the track goes on and our little drop grows up and joins the rain pouring down. Really, this Camel-esque track may be too naive for an intellectual prog listener, but as I'm a very simple man, I like it and I listen to it when I need to calm down. It perfectly works, believe me.

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