Saturday 21 June 2014

Valley (Jethro Tull, 1995)

As this song comes from "Roots to Branches", it belongs to the 1990s, but its sound and its structure reminds me of the folk age of Jetrho Tull, around late '70s and I like it as it was actually part of that magnificent bunch of songs. Really, all is good here: the arcane intro, the bluesy measures, the rock riffs, the instrumental passages, the coarse vocals, some acoustic guitars here and there, and, of course, Ian Anderson's flute.

Some consider this as thelast good JT's album. Don't know...

Sure, some discreet electronic fragments and the neat, digital production suggest another moment in the band's life, but the inspiration and the soul are the best ones a fan could ask for. I remember I saw the band live in their "Roots to Branches" tour in Naples, Italy, and I was rather disappointed by Ian's voice (but then he had been seriously ill, as you may remember), but when he started playing his flute... well... thank you my Pied Piper!

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