Monday, 2 June 2014

The Maiden (Aisles, 2009)

Proggers are rising in Chile, definitely. Aisles is a good specimen of such a rich and inviting spring, and this track, taken from their first album "In Sudden Walks", is worth our attention. There are three main influences I perceive: the golden era prog (the Masters, of course), the '80s/'90s neo-proggers, including the most recent Marillion's evolution, and -last but not least - a hint of Italian prog, especially PFM, I daresay.The result is a very pleasant and changing song, with different moods in it and a keen choice of sounds.

Aisles' debut album was released in 2004. This one in 2009.

The vocals are very good, discreet and sensitive, with a scent - just a scent, I swear it - of brit pop I never dislike. There is also a well brewed mix of electric and acoustic guitars, something giving an original taste to the band's sound. The keys (the band line up two keyboard players) and the rythm section are very good too, and those guys never forget how important the tempo changes are  in progressive rock. Listen to this, my friends, 'cause they're growing very fast, those Aisles boys, and I'm sure we will hear of them more and more. 

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