Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Another Day Like Superman (Anyone's Daughter, 1980)

I'm simply fascinated by this track, released by Anyone's Daughter in their second studio album. This German band was on the stage since 1972, but their discography only began in 1979 with "Adonis", a good Genesis-inspired album. But their self titled 1980 LP is my favourite album of theirs. This song begins in a pastoral way, just like a slow, acoustic ballad, then the rythm section comes in and a beautiful electric guitar solo completely changes the tempo and the mood: Deep Purple meet Genesis, I'd say.

I like this cover... somewhere between Yes and Disney.

Uwe Karpa plays his instrument as fast as a devil and keyboardist Mattias Ulmer also has some moments of glory before the sung section comes back to introduce a dreaming closing section. Maybe they were too late to become a world sensation, but they surely were coherent and brave and - most of all - they made a present of this song to my prog ears. Try it, it won't disappoint you, mark my words.

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