Thursday, 19 June 2014

Twilight Alehouse (Genesis, 1973)

This non-album track was included in Genesis live playlists since the band's very early shows, but it was only recorded and released in 1973, as the single "I Know What I Like" b-side in 1974, and, before this, as a flexi-disc included in a musical magazine package in 1973. I love its misty and dark mood, and also its pastoral touch. The lyrics are about a man loosing everything and getting alcoholic, something I saw too many times in my life. And Peter Gabriel knows how to communicate these pessimistic contents to the listener.

This is the cover of the first offìicial release of the song.

The suspended instrumental passage includes a flute performance by Peter and also a full bodied organ, something reminding me all the vintage proto-prog stuff. I do think this charming song could have been included in an official studio album long before 1973, but I'm happy they released it at last: this is one of the most spectacular outtakes of all times, IMHO.

Just a drink to take my sorrow,
Just a drink and you can blast Tomorrow,
Just adrink to make me feel like a man again.
Now I'm down.

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