Sunday, 22 June 2014

This Past Presence (Wobbler, 2011)

The Wobbler are one of the most known bands of the Scandinavian vintage prog movement. Not only they play the same instruments their '70s models used to play, but also they write and perform as it was usual in the Golden Era. Are they to blame? It depends, IMHO, on the use they make of the sound they love. That's why I put this particular track in my blog: even its title suggests a link between the past and the present. The Wobbler transform their models in a musical palette they make use of with a new, free, fresh creativity.

"Rites at Dawn" was the third Wobbler's studio album.

So, "This Past Presence" re-uses all the main features of our Golden Era heroes, but in an original and recognizable frame, a melancholy and pastoral one, showing all the colours of the passing seasons and a strong union with natural elements. I see kind of a musical wicca here, a charm made of piano passages and choral arrangements, acoustic guitars, electric progressions and flowing mellotrons. In a word, magic. And we all know you need ancient tools to perform the best magic of all.

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