Saturday, 7 June 2014

Merlin (Kayak, 1981)

Merlin the Magician and the whole Arthurian saga were one of the most common literary sources for progressive rock lyrics. Kayak produced their own "Merlin" track in 1981 and it proved to be one of their most powerful ones. After a melodic, sweet section, the song - written by Ton Scherpenzeel - gets fully prog rock and is graced by devilish keys and one of the best vocal performances by Edward  Reekers. He also rules the subsequent tempo and mood changes.

"Merlin" was the eight studio album by Kayak.

The electric guitar comes is around minute 4 and adds a heavier edge to the song, introducing the final wall of sound in which all the instruments - leaded by a very Wakeman-like keyboard - do their best to please my prog ears. Useful to know, this track is but the first in a collection of five songs filling the A side of the original LP - also titled "Merlin" - all concerning the famous magician's story. And they all deserve your attention, IMHO. Last info: the band re-worked this material and released a longer suite on the same subject in 2003, "Merlin - Bard of The Unseen". This version's interesting too.

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