Friday, 6 June 2014

Le rêve rose (Elixir, 1986)

The French tradition of a theatrical and rythmically sustained prog rock was still alive during the '80s, as this track, taken from Elixir's first album "Sabbat" proves very well. Nothing too complicated or intellectual here, just a fine song featuring a pleasant sung theme and some instrumental bridges, but all very well done. I'm really grateful to all the bands that filled somehow the hiatus of the '80s with their progressive rock dreams.

A very pleasant way to keep on progging...

They didn't fear to swim againt the mainstream and so a simple song like this one looks important to me: its freshness, its slightly agressive sound, its light blend of pop, art rock and true prog seems naive today, but it was precious like gold in its era. That's why I pay my respect to such songs as this one, "The Pink Dream", in English, as they succeeded in keeping our dream alive. That said, I also appreciate the magic intro of this song, the subsequent rythm solutions and the guitar work. It's like sweet poison in my veins.

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