Thursday, 5 June 2014

Winter "The Key" (The Enid, 1985)

The Enid realesed a collection of songs about the four seasons (not so original, but always a good idea) in three different moments and supports: first, as a double 45 rpm album, then as a proper vynil album and finally as a CD including a bonus track. "Winter" is the openingtrack and maybe the most moving one. As all The Enid's compositions, it's an uncompromising symphonic compisition, set up following the classical concerto movements and selecting the more orchesta-like sound effects Robert John Godfrey's keyboards could provide.

The art gracing the first CD version of "The Spell".

You'll find here a fanfare opening, then a more melodic, lento music, where the excellent main theme of the song rises like a waterspring. That could be perfect for a romantic ballet and the typical Enid's features go extreme, so decidely you'll like it (if you like their music) or you'll hate it (if you don't). Not so strange The Enid are the favourite target of anti-prog arrows and the most secret love of so many proggers. Like me.

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