Sunday 1 December 2013

L'étoile (Pollen, 1976)

Pollen were a Canadian band from the '70s flushing Québec prog scene. Their only self titled album features a very good symphonic rock and this song ("L'étoile", meaning "The Star"), a low tempo one, is probably my favourite one. It's a mostly melodic and keyboard driven track, with a very good sung theme and some sweet, well found instrumental interludes.

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Claude Lemay alternates Genesis-like effects with some more original sounds and his flute, while Richard Lemoyne's 12-string guitar adds a fairy tale atmosphere. I also like Tom Rivest's vocals, ranging between a theatrical tone à la Ange and a full voice, outspread performance. Every time I listen to this song, it seems to me that time slows down and a gentle hand welcomes me into a smiling dimension.

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