Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hope for The Life (Kayak, 1973)

Back to Kayak, here's a song from their debut album "See See The Sun", a stunning track featuring vocal harmonies and basically bass-driven. Yes, Cees van Leeuwen's work is excellent and his interplays with Ton Scherpenzeel's piano and keys are one of the strongest points here. The rythm is really enthralling, but some melodic interludes enrich the texture of a song whose beauty grows up each time you listen to it.

"See See The Sun" still is a seminal album in Eauropean prog.

Also the guitar riff in the second half of the song is pleasant and adds one more melody to this flushing collection of tunes."Hope for The Life" proves how vast were the band's inspirations, able to mix Gentle Giant, Genesis, Yes and some Canterbury style for a good measure. The final result is an original style, rich in flavours but well balanced in its architecture. A stimulating listening, that's for sure.

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