Friday, 20 December 2013

In Taberna (Wobbler, 2009)

Wobbler are a brilliant specimen of the so-called vintage prog bands, producing songs in the style of the '70s symphonic bands and often using their models' same instruments. This is exactly the case of this highly dynamic song, coming from Wobbler's second album "Afterglow". It's a majestic, mostly up-tempo instrumental track, driven by keyboards and especially Mellotron. All the main features of classic prog are here: the epic wall of sound, some slightly jazzy sections, a few romantic and foggy moments, flute, violin, jeegs, folk roots and even a glimpse of Dark Ages.

A very good cover art, by Trine, Kim Design Studio and Wobbler.

These Norwegian guys are really clever and they know how to change the tempo, the instruments, the mood, even the models of their flushing music. I especially like the way they link so many different riffs in a sort of modern rhapsody. Maybe they lack somehow in coherence and melodies, but they excel when it comes to real progressive fun!

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