Friday, 13 December 2013

Secret Gardener (Leap Day, 2008)

These Dutch guys are good composers and performers, IMHO. "Secret Gardener" comes from their "Awaking The Muse" CD of 2009, but a demo version of this track was released in a 2008 EP. It's a mid-tempo song featuring an interesting mix of catchy melodies, dreaming guitars, up to date keys and passionate vocals. Neo-prog, yes, but made and wrapped up with care and good taste. Leap Day succeed in varying the menu, but the song never grows stout and it remains a pleasant, fresh, enjoyable one.

Leap Day have released three CDs to date.
"Awaking The Muse" was their first album.

I saw too many proggers spoiling good songs trying to be smart. Fortunately, this is not the case. After all, we all need some good tunes, from time to time, something we can immediately catch and enjoy, something warm and comforting like a cup of good tea (or coffee, if you better like it). Such a musical product isn't easy to set up, believe me, and Leap Day know how to provide it. Perhaps, this is their gardener's secret, who knows? Anyway, thank you for the music, guys.

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