Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Embryo (Millenium, 2008)

The Polish band Millenium knows how to mix Floydian athmospheres with a modern electronic approach and this song, the opening of their album "Exist", is a very good specimen of their skills. Sweet and spacey, the keyboards open the road to Piotr Plonka's electric guitar, mid way between Gilmour and Hackett, then a beautiful bass / keys interplay introduces Lukasz Gall's neat and warm vocals, singing a ballad-like theme. A pleasant guitar interlude is followed by an arcane synth and the second stanza comes in.
Millenium are a very prolific band:
9 studio albums between 1998 and 2013!
The following long instrumental interlude is based on keys and a creative rythm section. It's like opening wide windows and doors and letting the light come into the room, a beautiful moment, IMHO. The faster and catchier final section isn't the best of things, maybe, but it gives to Plonka the time to show how much he likes R'n'B and acts like a bridge leading to the next track. All in all, a very good song, a fascinating musical landscape.

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