Friday 21 June 2013

Machine Messiah (Yes, 1980)

This is a song from "Drama", the most debated album based on a mixed line-up from classic Yes and pop duo Buggles. So, no Jon Anderson's angelic voice here, nor Rick Wakeman's spectacular keyboards. Having said that, "Machine Messiah" is great, IMHO. Chris Squire's bass explores tricky and unusual lines, with a little help from Alan White's drums, Steve Howe's guitar offers some edgy moments and the Buggles really do their best.

"Drama" features one of the best Roger Dean's covers.

But I especially like the track's architecture, where good melodies and rythmic sections follow one another, melting the typical Yes composition features and a somewhat more plastic shape. Ten minutes of enjoyable prog rock, amazing changes and top class performances. Should I ask for more?

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