Wednesday 26 June 2013

750.000 anni fa... l'amore? (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, 1972)

When I first heard of this track - whose title means in English 750.000 years ago... love? - even before listening to it I was intrigued. A friend of mine told me this was about an impossible love story between a Neanderthal man and a Homo Sapiens woman. Well, it is unusual, isn't it? So I flew to my record shop (they weren't yet extinct then) and I bought the Banco's album "Darwin!". I was really impressed by this song: such a subject would sound ridiculous in every singer's mouth, but Francesco Di Giacomo is so natural, passionate and convincing that I actually saw that Neanderthal man peeing the Sapiens girl, I deeply felt his shame and his sorrow when blaming his simian body.

Francesco Di Giacomo and Vittorio Nocenzi in a 2013 shot.

And I also appreciated the wonderful melody by Vittorio Nocenzi, both powerful and sweet. Yes, this is one of my favourite italian prog songs ever and it still touches me every time I happen to listen to it, especially when Di Giacomo sings (forgive my terrible translation): If you were relly mine, I'd wear your breast of water drops, then under your feet I'd lay veils of wind and leaves. Pale body with wide hips, I'd take you in green fields and I'd dance under the moon, I'd dance with you. And when I read recently that some scientists are now convinced that Homo Sapiens has in his genetics some Neanderthal genes, well, I thought... who knows? Maybe this impossible love dream came true.

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