Tuesday 18 June 2013

Amico di ieri (Le Orme, 1975)

Oh, how I like this little, simple song! Le Orme released it in 1975, in an album called "Smogmagica" and also as a 7" single. The western american hints, blended with a nostalgic european sound, come from the sessions of "Smogmagica", recorded in Los Angeles and reminiscent of the West Coast musical atmosphere.

The original 7" cover of "Amico di ieri", b/w "Ora o mai più".
Please note the announcement in the round arrow: "recorded in Los Angeles".

Even the lyrics merge ecological contents and western images, such as covered wagons and dust storms. This ballad is calm and evocative, sweet and sad, reflecting the light of a distant sunset and carrying the wind of an ancient evening. The excellent melody of "Amico di ieri" will always be a significant part of my inner world, a bright souvenir of my youth.

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