Thursday 27 June 2013

Suite: Dreams (Manning, 2003)

As you certainly know, Manning is the name the multi-instrumentalist Guy Manning (of The Tangent fame) gives to the band he gathers around himself on a regular basis to produce his own records. "Suite: Dreams" is by far ma favourite Manning's track. It's a beautifully written suite in 6 movements, exploring the world of dreams. It begins with a slow, very good melody and goes on through many different changes and many different genres, as usual for this artist. I especially like the recurring main theme variations and the wide range of instruments and musical solutions involved in this song.

You'll find this suite  in "The View from My Window" album.

There's a strong presence of wind instruments, thanks to Tim Moon - also proving himself on the fiddle - and they weave original plots with Manning's guitars and keys. Guy also has a beautiful voice, sounding like some American country singers and fitting so well in his eclectic music. He  knows very well how to balance electric and acoustic instruments, old fashioned sounds and modern samples and machineries... and he knows even better how to enchant an old prog lover like myself...

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