Sunday, 23 June 2013

Metaepitome (Overhead, 2005)

This is the title track of Finnish band Overhead's second album, released in 2005. It's a 19'40" suite well written and well performed by those five young musicians. Like many other similar bands, Overhead explore prog rock history and in "Metaepitome" suite you'll recognize Pink Floyd-like slide guitars, crimsonian Mellotron effects, rock flute à la Jethro Tull and so on. But you'll also find an original sound, made of nordic melancholy and a good mix of rock and folk roots. Also the vocal parts - both lead and choirs - are distinctive, with modern and classic nuances.

Here's the cover art for "Metaepitome".

Slow and fast sections, electric and acoustic instruments, complex and plain melodies, vocal and instrumental themes... all is very well arranged in the general architecture of the track. I was also impressed by some unpredictable changes, especially when the piano comes in or the first vocal theme comes back to close the suite. The lyrics are obscure and suggestive, describing a man's inner choice when facing war and death. In short, this is not a revolution in prog music, but you'll certainly appreciate Metaepitome for measure and moderation, two rare qualities in young bands: never too old or too modern, never too technical or too romantic, this suite will provide some 20 pleasant minutes to the listener. I'm enough old to value such a merit.

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