Sunday 31 March 2013

Sommerabend (Novalis, 1976)

I like Novalis so much... and this is my favourite track of theirs. It's a 18 minute suite divided in five movements, full of melancholy and beautifully relaxing. Acoustic guitars and keyboards drive the song through a mythical world based on ancient legends and intact nature. Like the romantic poet Novalis from which they took the name, this new era romantic fivesome fill their music and their German lyrics with dreams, flowing water, gentle breeze and contemplation.

Novalis' most famous line-up. In a natural environment, of course.

Several sweet melodies - including the stately main theme - and some rythmic accelerations describe a summer evening and the slow changes in light and wildlife and one really seems to be there, nearby the stream, under the trees, watching and thinking over. Fred Mühlböck's deep and calm voice is just like the icing on the cake... a cake I'll always like to eat. Just a slice, anyone?

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