Wednesday 20 March 2013

Budapest (Jethro Tull, 1987)

I immediatly fell in love with this song back in 1987 and I still adore it. Yes, there's a strange Dire Straits meets Jethro Tull connection here, but the track's architecture is gorgeous, with a bueautiful tune and many instrumental passages (flute solos above all, as you can easily guess) dotting the composition now and then. There's also a great vocal performance by Ian Anderson, one of the last, alas!
"Budapest" is here!
The guest musician Ric Sanders guarantees an additional hungarian atmosphere with his violin... and I swear those violin / flute plots are among the best Jethro Tull's inventions ever! The lyrics are about some Anderson's touring memories on the banks of the Danube and fit the music perfectly well. I must admit the rest of "Crest of A Knave" album is not at the same level, but thanks to this song it's worth buying.

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