Saturday 30 March 2013

In Your Eyes (Collage, 1994)

This track, actually a 14 minute suite, comes from "Moonshine", generally considered as the masterpiece of the polish band Collage. It's an epic, neo-prog song with a very good balance between keyboards and guitars, reminiscent of course of Marillion's first albums but with an original approach and a special taste for melodies. Vocal themes and instrumental passages follow one another with simplicity and there's a solid coherence in every moment of the song.

Believe me: this album is worth listening to.

The strongest qualities in it are levity and fantasy, both in composition and arrangements: I like the way the voice merges with the instruments and also the piano plots announcing tempo changes and new melodies. Please don't expect innovation or turning points in prog history here: this is something you already know, but done at the highest level. Isn't it enough for you? It is for me.

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