Thursday 7 March 2013

Chupacabras (Phideaux, 2005)

This is what the Americans call an epic song. Basically, it's  a 20 minutes prog rock suite, and a very good one. Phideaux Xavier is one of the strangest characters in the proggy world, considering himself the one and only half-prog / half-punk artist. That said, I like his music very much, especially - of course - when his half-prog part is concerned. This is exactly the case with Chupacabras, kind of a prog anthology, filled with all the devices and sophistications we tend to love.

Xavier Phideaux: a ghostly presence from the American prog scene.

It's a classical prog, but also a state of the art XXIst century prog, updating virtually every standard in our genre and giving to the track its own spiritual, even eerie taste. Our friend Phideaux knows very well how to ally different moods and themes always skipping two dangerous foes: boredom and affectedness. So, don't worry if he's a little strange in haircuts or musical statements, Xavier Phideaux keeps everything under control. Amazed? Incredulous? Well, please listen to this and let me know.

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