Tuesday 19 March 2013

Le Chant du Monde (Minimum Vital, 1990)

Joy and optimism aren't necessarily the most widespread moods in prog rock songs. But this is the case with "Le Chant du Monde", the opening track of Minimum Vital's album "Sarabande". This French musicians know too well how to blend folk roots and vigorous rock in a unique sound. You'll find here the Mediterranean sun and the Occitan taste in a seven minutes instrumental fresco weaving acoustic and electric moments, slow and fast movements.

A recent line-up of Minimum Vital.

The background idea is to depict the variety and richness of the world, its multi-ethnicity in a joyful and enthralling dance pointing out, of course, the keen flavour of Southern France. That is not common and if you're new to this group, I highly recommend this track as your first sample. 

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