Friday 22 March 2013

Hyperventilate (Frost, 2006)

Frost are a singular band: following the unpredictable moods of leader Jem Godfrey, they disband, reunite, dissolve and revive two times a week. Even so, this track - taken from "Milliontown", their first album - is one of the best prog instrumentals I've heard in recent years. I recommend it for many reasons and, first of all, its intriguing architecture. Beginning with a piano tune, the song build itself before your very ears, gradually growing in rythm and complexity.

Here's the group's line-up in 2006... a real supergroup
featuring members from IQ, Arena and Kino.

It's a real tour de force, challenging and enthralling, packed with original arrangements and brilliant variations, where a prog lover finds exactly what he's looking for. There's an accurate alchemy in "Hyperventilate", so that even in the loudest moments the track retains a recognizable plot, where each instrument shines on its own. Last but not least, like every good (prog) rock song, this track gives me a generous charge of pure energy. What else could I ask for?

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