Tuesday 12 March 2013

The House on The Hill (Audience, 1971)

I happen to like the folk side of prog, that's why I put here this song, the title track of Audience's third album. More than seven minutes of good music, rich and umpredictable music. It starts with a r'n'b intro, not so far from Jethro Tull's ballads, including flute and scoustic guitar. Then, here you are the most creative percussions you can imagine, a slightly dissonant and jazzy brass passage, flowing into a Crimson-like chaos, finally we're back to the r'n'b opening theme.

A sad story: the wicked lady lures her victims...
...then sentence them!

No keyboards, but you scarcely notice it in such a mellow selection. Sure, this is a unique song in Audience's production, but all their tracks are highly valuable, though not as much multicolored. Now, the lyrics: there's a creepy story about a lady living in a lonely old house and luring men she killes and bury away. The album cover ironically portrays this. I also like the acid vocals by Howard Werth, giving a more individual feature to the whole lot and, of course, Keith Gemmell's wind instruments: sax, flute and clarinet, a very good alternative to keys. Too bad they disbanded so early...

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