Monday 18 March 2013

Islands (King Crimson, 1971)

This is what I call a superb song. A very long, slow, deep, melting track, written in a pensive mood and featuring a really beautiful melody. Here I always breathe a foggy air with a scent of infinite, like a distant horizon or an endless sea, a calm and slightly sad atmosphere. Apparently relaxing, this music is also quietly nervous, if not alarming when the mellotron whispers its theme.

UK's gatefold edition inside drawing:
"Earth, stream and tree encircled by sea..."

Every time I listen to this, I also feel like thinking over me, my life, my destiny. This is not strange, 'cause Peter Sinfield's lyrics protray human individual lives like separate islands seeking profound and mysterious links, so that "Islands join hands 'neathe heaven's sea". One of those songs you must listen to before it's too late.

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