Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pastorale (Jean-Philippe Goude, 1994)

Goude is what I call an eclectic artist and - even more than this - a musician with no bounderies. A member of Magma, a founder of prog rock bands (namely Madame Bertrand), a jazz pianist, a contemporary classical music composer, a successful producer (those of you speaking French will certainly remember Renaud), a prolific soundtrack and TV music composer, a skilled explorer of electronic sounds, a visual artist... just name it!

"Ainsi de nous" gathered twelve short and intense compositions.

What I'm introducing in my blog today is an example of my favourite Goude's side: his sensitive and melancholic tracks. This "Pastorale" has of course a classical inspiration and a contemporary taste, but it is above all a moving composition, opening the secret gateways of soul. Funny to say, this was the theme of a TV book review show titled "Un livre, des livres" ("A book, some books"), but it surely survived its original aim and still offers three minutes of pleasure and reflection. Enjoy.