Tuesday 12 January 2016

Universal Radio (Dragon, 1974)

Here's a very interesting band coming from New Zealand and whose first albums featured a soft kind of prog rock, including Floydian ballads, jazzy bridges and many space rock moments. This is the title track of their debut album, released in 1974. You'll find a good mix of the above elements, and also a vague scent of Camel and BJH here and there.

Something between Donald Duck and a Super Robot anime...

The rythm section provides a diversified and fluid background, while the acoustic guitar pleasantly intertwines the organ in the quietest passages. Really, this is not brand new, but so beautiful and familiar, so well set up and arranged that I always listen to it with an inner delight. The only conflicting thing here is the band name, unless peaceful and dreaming dragons exist... but who cares?

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