Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Towards The Blue Horizon (Riverside, 2015)

Riverside are one of the most popular bands from the 21st Century when it comes to prog & friends. The only problem with them is that they decided to title their albums with as many words as the number of their releases (since their third CD, I think). That's why their 2015 sixth album has a six words title. Well, I wish them a long and successful career, but please... stop that before it's too late! Seriously, this track has a diversified and plesant plot, including a gentle opening ballad (great theme, by the way), a hint of Cure, a long and intense instrumental section and beautiful vocals.

For their Sixth studio work, Riverside went poetic... more or less.

When a band can write and play a song like this one, with no special effects at all and a deep emotional side coming out what seem to be plain lines, well, they surely are at their heights. A perfect balance and a solid composition are the well known but scarcely shared way to beautiful songs. Riverside are more and more into it.

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