Thursday, 21 January 2016

Letting Go (Kino, 2005)

Prog rock isn't always an intellectual music giving away trricky compositions. Take Kino, for example. It's a British one-shot fivesome full of progstars, namely Pete Trewavas (Marillion), John Mitchell (Arena), Chris Maitland (Porcupine Tree), John Beck and Bob Dalton (It Bites). They decided to build up an enjoyable song-oriented album called "Picture". This song, "Letting Go", strongly inspired by Asia, has a catchy verse, an anthemic chorus and a third theme topping the musical cake with a pinch of pure prog.

"Picture" featured a series of very good songs based on strong ideas.

The arrangement is simply perfect, modern, never trivial and with some interesting changes. As usual, John Mitchell's voice is a thrilling experience and a good deal of vocal harmonies complete his performance with an airy and enthralling arena rock sound. Each musician adds his own special contribution, but no one tries to go too far or to show up. That's what I call easy prog rock. An excellent one, I daresay.

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