Saturday 9 January 2016

Luminescence (Monarch Trail, 2014)

Ken Baird is an excellent keyboardist and composer, with an interesting and rather rich discography of his own. With Monarch Trail he decided to set up a prog rock band and I think his sond improved very much. This track, called "Luminiscence" opens the debut album of the trio, titled "Skye", and it's a proper, full-bodied and well diversified symphonic song. Keyboards rule, of course, but there's also room for Dino Verginella's bass, Chris Lamont's drums and even for an excellent guest guitarist, John Mamone.

A beautiful way to open the band's career...

All in all, this is not one of those synthetic and ambient-like tracks we all listen to when searching for something new: this song has the right amount of emotion and the good old rocky texture I like in a progressive piece of music. And if unfortunately this is not always the case with the rest of the album, I'm wise enough to retain such an exciting and welcome gift from Canada. Thank you boys: you lifted me up.

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