Friday, 8 January 2016

Gånglåt (Grovjobb, 1999)

Another interesting Swedish band. This "Gånglåt" (kind of a folk march), taken from the album "Vättarnas Fest", has a very original taste, an eclectic approach to prog and to folk I really appreciate. It's an instrumental track gradually growing up from the opening marching tune to a rich and exciting wall of sound, then going down tempo to an atmospheric and psychedelic passage and finally coming back to the main up tempo theme.

This was the second studio album by Grovjobb.

The complex and even dissonant sounds of "Gånglåt" surely reveal an experimental vision, but never go too far into it, so that this song isn't unpleasant or illegible to my (less than) average mind. A joyful energy sustains each second of this track and the vintage instruments are played in an unpredictable way, tracing a peculiar and intriguing musical path for Grovjobb. When I listen to this, I'm deeply convinced that prog rock has a long and exciting way to go through...ä

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