Monday, 4 January 2016

13th August (, 2008) (or simply Fromuz) state their origins in their very name, as they actually come "from Uz(bekistan)". That said, they already have a rather rich discography and they're an excellent symphonic rock band. This track comes from the "Overlook" album and you'll probably recognise in it some Yes, King Crimson and even Jethro Tull hints (mostly Yes, that's to say), but with a heavier and surprisingly eclectic approach. The symphonic plot is patent and very well exploited, with lushing keyboard / guitar interplays and very, very pleasant tempo changes.

Is it me or there are some familiar flying islands here?

It's an instrumental track, but you'll find some beautiful and rather original vocal harmonies as an additional instrument. I like the way they mix vintage prog and state-of-the-art electronic devices. This song is highly dynamic and now and then adventurous or jazzy. There are many sides to prog, as we all know, and "13th August" features a well done mix of some of them, without any self-conceit and with an overwhelming passion.

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