Saturday 2 January 2016

The Lake (Symphony Novel, 2013)

Indian prog has its own special, modern still evergreen taste. Symphony Novel combine many influences in their music, both Indian and Western ones. "The Lake" comes from their 2013 debut album "Aria" and is an intense, atmospheric ballad not too far from the post-rock mood. The first thing I liked in this song was the vocal performance, so deep and still so ethereal, spiritual I daresay.

"Aria" features both atmospheric and heavy musical moments.

Then I listened to the measured and well balanced instrumental background, with the right amount of light keyboards and electric guitar touches. The rythm section is also very good, stressing the stanzas of this ballad with a discreet and almost psychedelic accompaniement. Nothing is too strong or too weak, IMHO, and thus the great picture shines and charms my ears. Well done!

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