Monday, 11 January 2016

Byzantium (Deja-Vu, 1988)

This is by far my favourite track from "Baroque in The Future", the sole album by Deja-Vu, a Japanese band not to be confused with the metal-prog Norwegian act bearing the same name. Based on Motoi Sakuraba's keyboards (you'll find him as a solo artist elsewhere in this blog), this is a trio melting ELP's powerful approach and an '80s airy neo-prog.

Great rythm section too :Tetsuya Nagatsuma and Genta Kudoh. 

Sometimes the resulting music is a little too artificial, but not here, in this well balanced and classically set up instrumental. The baroque-like themes are perfectly interweaved, and the tempo changes liven up the music, avoiding any pomp temptations. A pinch of Eastern sounds and a good deal of Bach-inspired progressions enrich the track and frankly treat my ears. An excellent choice for a dully day.

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