Friday, 22 January 2016

The Garden (Unitopia, 2008)

"The Garden" is the title track of Unitopia's double CD released in 2008 and one of the epics included in it, the longest one with its more than 22 minutes of duration time. Though undivided, it can be considered as a suite, lining up different moments and moods from the pleasant intro where the music comes out from a series of nature effects to some rock, jazz and melodic passages. Such a lushing choice of tempos and atmospheres never break the unity behind the manifold structure of "The Garden" nor its slightly descriptive approach.

"The Garden" was the second studio album by Unitopia.

In fact, the architecture of this song can be diversified, but all its moments are under control and all its parts have the same warm and captivating sound, so that even the most abrupt changes come at the right moment, beautifully adding new scenes and new colours to a coherent big picture. I also like the way each musician adds his own contribution to improve the final effect and never trying to take over the rest of the band.

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