Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ouroboros (Kotebel, 2009)

Here you are a fully symphonic rock suite, packed with acoustic and electric instruments, thrilling walls of sound, assorted keyboards and fast guitars. But this isn't a derivative piece of music: it has its own character and a tasteful experimental background. Kotebel come from Madrid, but their multi-instrumentalist leader Carlos Plaza is from Venezuela. They search for something new, but never go too far and never stress their listeners with useless strangeness.

"Ouroboros" was the fifth studio album by Kotebel.

The orchestra-like arrangements are lively and diversified, but a rocky soul gives to this composition a full-bodied texture. Some of the moods from this suite are arcane and unpredictable and if they all are classically-driven, there's an ever changing effect in "Ouroboros" I always like in a prog rock epic. It's impossible to single out the main inspirational source for this band (some could be The Enid and ELP) and this is a very good omen to me...

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