Thursday 14 January 2016

Let There Be Light (Mike Oldfield, 1994)

This is one of my favourite songs when it comes to athmospheric ones. I also like the entire "The Songs of Distant Earth" album, a concept based on Arthur C. Clarke's SF novel bearing the same title. It's a rather different side of Oldfield we appreciate here, less rich in instruments and more polished in sounds. This arcane and even ambient song is strincly connected to the short album intro titled "In The Beginning", but it surely is a self standing track, with a very beautiful melody and a captivating arrangement. 

This is the first single CD cover for UK and Europe markets.

"Let There Be Light" was also released as a single compact disc (a two CD set, more exactly) and was enhanced by a beautiful video, also included in the album CD. I admire the way Mike puts his sung line into a fantastic and ethereal background to create a hypnotic and evocative piece of music. Full of surprises, as usual with this artist.

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