Sunday 17 November 2013

La Danse de la perte (Galaad, 1996)

This Swiss band’s album “Vae Victis” features several excellent tracks. “La Danse de la perte” (meaning “Loss Dance”) presents many interesting aspects. The first one is its unusual architecture: a suite of about 12 minutes divided in two very different parts: part 1, titled “Maybe We Are Brothers”, is sung (mostly in French) and even if this song is dedicated to a dead friend and not to a lover, these beautiful lyrics remind me an Aube, a medieval poetry in which the lovers complain the approach of dawn (Aube, in French) bringing their parting with it. Part 2, “Wasicun”, is an instrumental fast tempo progression, based on keyboards and with some very good guitars too. A moving storm, I daresay.

The band's line-up in 1996, as shown in "Vae Victis" booklet.

The second interesting point is, of course, the music. It’s absolutely original, showing how prog rock can’t be enclosed in a strictly regulated genre, with a harsh and gloomy ballad, some evocative instrumental interludes and the stunning finale I tried to describe above. A last mention goes to Pierre-Yves Theurillat’s vocals, mighty and hoarse, but also sensitive, a rock voice fond of melody.

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