Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lenny (Kyrie Eleison, 1976)

This Austrian band was so strongly influenced by "Nursery Cryme" and Genesis that their music is usually considered as a derivative and unnecessary one. Now, let's see this topic the other way round. What about their songs if we consider them adopting a merely musical point of view? Take this "Lenny", for example, the closing track of their "Fountain Beyond The Sunrise" album. It's a highly dynamic track, with many interesting changes, very good keyboard plots and, two or three catchy and wide themes and, last but not least, a solid and pleasant architecture.

Also the artwork reminds me something...

This 16 minute track isn't a suite, but one rich and well organized symphonic rock song, a well balanced epic featuring a clever succession of vocal and instrumental passages. Then, yes, there's much Genesis stuff in it and we could also argue that some synth effects aren't so good and the recording quality is poor, even in the remastered CD edition. Having said that, I still like the track and it gives me the kind of joy my ears are always searching for in the progressive world.

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