Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Wood of Tales (Malibran, 1990)

This is exactly what you'd expect from an Italian prog band's track: fairy tales, acoustic instruments, mellow melodies, piano touches and, of course, a good mix of Mediterranean sunsets and Celtic mists. Please don't think I'm trying to underrate Malibran, 'cause I love their music. I sometimes need some labels to start an introduction, that's all. "The Wood of Tales" is a perfect mix of unpredictable changes and familiar sounds, an excellent instrumental full of magic and emotions.

The artwork says it all... doesn't it?

All the instruments add their special touch to the big picture, and especially the dreamy electric guitars (yes, there are two guitarists!) and the flute. The vintage mood is obviously strong, and so are the Golden Era references, but there are many modern settings I appreciate more and more each time I listen to this track. And each time I do so, I wonder how a debuting band could be so mature and well-balanced.

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