Monday, 8 August 2016

Coming Around (The Third Ending, 2006)

Here you are another clever band, a Tasmanian one, playing what the papers call "modern prog", whatever that means. I better like to call it prog, as our genre hates barriers and labels. The Third Ending  surely mix some old and beloved sounds and many contemporary ones, as this melodic song will prove. "Coming Around", taken from the band's self-titled debut album, sounds like a soft rock piece, but with a deeper, introspective twist.

I also like the cover art The Third Ending chose for their first CD.

The theme is well found and well performed (Nick Storr is what I call a gifted singer), and the background sounds are  rich, full-bodied but never pompous, and a fine guitar solo by Andrew Curtis also graces the song. Even if the track is catchy and rather traditional in its pattern, you'll find many smart gimmicks, and even some welcome references to the past glory of rock and prog rock. In short, a pleasant and beautifully packed song, something I'll always ask for. Go on, my Aussie friends!

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