Sunday 28 August 2016

In The Name of God (Aragon, 2004)

I do think Aragon are an underrated band. These Australian musicians (all born in different European countries) surely like traditional neo-prog atmospheres and melodic songs, but they also know how to write and perform excellent songs, like this "In The Name of God", taken from their 2004 album "The Angels Tear". The acoustic first half is a beautiful and peaceful moment, based on warm and charming chords. The keyboards rise up slowly and the song gets deeper and depper, until the guitars come in for the "rock break".

"The Angels Tear" was the sixth album by Aragon.

The final section is more diversified, but still is down tempo and melodic, with an acid twist here and there. Really, I find  here some 9 minutes of musical pleasure, crowned with the sax solo between minute 7.30 and 8.00... so good! And what about the final gilmour-esque guitar/sax interplay? Well, it tells me: "quick, play this once more!" I'll surely obey.

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