Tuesday 11 August 2015

Vent du Midi (Bellaphon, 1987)

This long instrumental track by Japanese band Bellaphon, coming from their album "Firefly" has a very special mood and an even better structure. Based on a keyboard theme, "Vent du Midi" ("Southern Wind", more or less) also has a beautiful guitar work and a very diversified rythmic structure. Sure, you'll find some immediately recognizable '80s sounds, but the general effect is so good that you'll certainly forgive such a lesser fault.

Ther album tracklist reveals a French inspiration.

I really like the central break, giving a classical twist to the song and introducing a more lively part and a series of further changes. Those musical turning stages are IMHO the strongest point of the track, but I think this is one of those prog songs you just have to follow with your eyes closed and your heart open wide. Try and let me know...

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