Monday, 24 August 2015

A Gadarai Megszállott (After Crying, 1992)

If ever you like experimental and classically-conceived prog, After Crying could be your band and surely you'll like this epic track, opening the 1992 album "Megalázottak És Megszomorítottak". It's an uncompromising suite, starting with a slow, long and acoustic crescendo, an instrumental, atmospheric section providing the background and the mood for the entire song. The cello and the piano drive this part, with the support of a delicate drumming. An obscure landscape rises around the listener and dark shadows seem to surround the music. No other bands sound like this. After more than 7 minutes, the vocals (in Hungarian) come in drawing a gentle and beautiful melody, with a violin underlining Péter Pejtsik's voice... something original, but not too far from Hammill's way, if you ask me.

I think this cover art is perfect for After Crying dark prog.

I really like this section, but after this, a deep, sad experimental one gets the listener's attention: it's a slow, diversified and atmospheric section, lining up sung and instrumental moments, with a cello on the foreground. It gradually changes in a somehow more dynamic section, including a rythmic piano and the oboe. Well, this is heartbreaking, IMHO. A female reciting voice introduces a strange and short bridge, where wild sounds and atmospheric chords follow one another. The final section is announced by a trumpet and has a joyful rythm for a change.... then the birds come in and the track is over. Should I say more?

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