Sunday, 16 August 2015

Heat of The Moment (Asia, 1982)

A commercial, catchy, plain song. Still, a very good one. When Asia released their debut record in 1982 I confess I was somewhat disappointed, as I was expecting something more elaborate than that, but after a while I saw that this was exactly what the band wanted to do. A pop side of prog that still works and didn't get older at all. The opening riff is a good classic today and John Wetton's vocals are neat and strong.

Four '80s boys... well, more or less.

The rest is provided by the likes of Howe, Downes and Palmer. That's to say: you can write the simplest of songs, but when it comes to the players, well, you can make the difference! I still listen to "Heat of The Moment" with pleasure and I can see how difficult it is to be successful and original nonetheless.

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