Friday, 21 August 2015

Fallen Angel (King Crimson, 1974)

Another KC pearl, this "Fallen Angel" comes from "Red", the last album by the band during the '70s. It's a diversified and rather melodic track including many weird passages that still please me today. Of course, John Wetton's vocals are perfect like some statues from Ancient Greece, but all the rest is an awesome collection of musical ideas, thick riffs, heartbreaking changes, electronic treats... should I say more?

The stunning trio: Bruford, Fripp & Wetton.

Oh yes, just this: no apocalyptic scenes or medieval princes here: the lyrics are about a boy convincing his younger Brother to join in the Hells Angelswith him and watching him dying in a subsequent fight. It sounds like a juvenile crime story, but it is more like poetry. Good poetry, I daresay.

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