Friday 14 August 2015

Delad verklighet (Bo Hansson, 1972)

Taken from the "Magician's Hat" album ("Ur Trollkarlens Hatt" in Swedish Language), this instrumental track (titled "Divided Reality" in the international release) is somewhat different from most of Hansson's songs. Not only it includes a wider instrumentation surrounding Bo's keyboards, but it also develops its theme over different moods and tempos... in short, it's progger than ever. It sounds like a band's brainchild, and in fact many musicians are involved, especially guitarist Kenny Håkansson and Sten Bergman's flute.

This album was released in both Swedish and English editions.

The folk inspiration, a trademark of Bo Hansson, is gently mixed with a vaguely rock background and even the melodies are less ethereal than usual, so that it seems to me this track has a real pumping heart, something I couldn't say for the entire album. Try it and let this music carry you along strange and enchanted paths.

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