Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ícaro (Albatros, 2011)

This is a very well written and played progressive rock, IMHO. Albatros come from Igualada, near Barcelona and their style became more and more original during the years. Sure, there are many influences you could recognize in this "Ícaro" (Riverside, Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree among them), but also a very personal way to melt them into a unique sound, fluid and dense, rocky and melodic. The Spanish lyrics add a latin touch that Javi Fernandez knows how to emphasize and the tempo changes are also a specialty of Albatros.

Albatros are a five-piece band, the most traditional line-up of 
Progressive bands... that doesn't mean they have a predictable sound!
Take the long and liquid instrumental part filling most of the second half of this song: it's one of the finest jazz/space rock contaminations I've heard from a contemporary band (IMHO, once again). Good taste and a mature inspiration can do miracles, believe me. No, better than that: try Albatros yourself!

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